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  • 103069-7021900001
  • Schlossberg Switzerland - Spa ROOM FRAGRANCE

    We’ve collaborated with our Swiss partner company KUKUI to make your world a more sensual place. This new cooperation has resulted in unique fragrance blends for Schlossberg - each featuring a multi-sensory narrative and pure moment of me-time. Enjoy the fine aromas and create your personal moment of me-time at home.

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Patchouli ethanone, Vertenex, Acetyl cedrene, Limonene. May cause allergic reactions.

Me-Time in the Morning Sun
(Schlossberg signature fragrance)

Stop time for a moment and let your pure moment of me-time envelop you, as the first rays of the sun dance across your face and the new day dawns, melding the sweet fragrances of the familiar and fresh possibilities.

Vibe: Lightness | Warmth | Freshness

Dominant notes: Lime | Ginger | Nutmeg | Olibanum | Sandalwood

Article number: 103069-7021900001
Article name: ROOM FRAGRANCE