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The head and neck pillows with different filling materials and individually selectable support offer you a lasting good sleeping experience.

How to find the right pillow:

Poeple who sleep on their front and back:
Soft, cosy pillow.

People who sleep on their side and back:
Moderately filled pillow with medium softness.

People who sleep on their front, back and side:
Pillow with individually adjustable filling.

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Daily care
Gently shake out bedding each day and air out the room so that moisture absorbed during sleep can be released.
Air out the bedding in fresh air only during dry weather and place in the shade. Do not place in direct sunlight.
Do not vacuum or beat with a carpet beater.
Change your bed linens regularly and occasionally change the top and toe orientation when putting on clean bed linen.


Recommendation for cleaning: Schlossberg detergent with natural ingredients, biodegradable, unscented, skin-friendly, no bleach or optical brighteners, suitable for allergy sufferers.


Wash instructions
Launder washable bedding according to the temperature stated on the care label.
Use a pH-neutral, liquid detergent.
Do not use fabric softeners.
Repeat the spin cycle in order to reduce the water stored in the down and feathers.
Tumble dry at 100°C – shake out the bedding every 30 minutes to reduce drying time.

Wash bedding at least once per year according to the care labels.
Get non-washable duvets professionally cleaned every three years for hygiene reasons.
Replace duvets after 6-8 years and pillows after 2-3 years.


New Service: Professional cleaning for your bedding