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  • Schlossberg Switzerland - Art Print Set JANE

    "In the depths of the tropical night, ochre leaves glow next to exotic passion flowers. A velvety black feathered toucan sits proudly on a branch, shimmering hummingbirds are just a wing beat away. They almost blend into the darkness of the night." This inspiration gave rise to JANE, one of Schlossberg's most colorful bedding designs and perhaps for that very reason the title design of the current fall-winter 2021 collection.

    Now you might think that would already be award enough. But JANE captivates for us not only by color diversity, but equally by the individual motifs, all painted by hand in watercolor technique. So the designer selected the three most beautiful in turn, had them made as high-quality art prints, looked for the naturally perfectly matching wooden frames and created for you an exclusive picture set. Why exclusive? Because in it is exactly the love, but also time, which suggests it and so the picture set is limited of 50 pieces.

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Article number: 102696-0400100001
Article name: Art Print Set JANE