Fiber length, shine, fineness and uniformity define the quality and price of the cotton. Only 10% of the world’s cotton harvest matches the high quality requirements of Schlossberg.

All Schlossberg designs have been drawn by hand and made to the highest technical quality. The entire finishing processes are carried out responsibly with regard to both the product and the environment. Thanks to the careful selection of suppliers and production processes, Schlossberg exceeds the strict guidelines of the quality label STANDARD 100 by ÖKO-TEX ®.


Jersey Royal
Combed, twisted, gassed, mercerized, finely woven silky single jersey with extra-long fibers made from, pure, finest cotton, approx. 120 g/m2.

Jersey Royal from Schlossberg is made exclusively using extra-long fibers from Egyptian cotton. The twisted yarn has been gassed, mercerized and woven into an especially light, finely woven single jersey. 1 m2 of Jersey Royal weighs just 120 g and 200 tiny stitches make up 1 cm2 of material.

Satin Noblesse/ -Exquisit/ -Finesse
Warp satin made from finest pure, long-fiber, combed, mercerized cotton, approx. 110 g/m2.

Satin Noblesse is woven from pure, long-staple cotton. Due to the fineness of the yarn the close-weave material is very lightweight. This means that the satin, also known as Swiss satin, weighs just 105 g per 1 m2 with a sett of 100 threads per 1 cm2. Satin Noblesse by Schlossberg feels wonderfully smooth, fresh and soft, and features an unparalleled elegant shimmer.

Satin Luxe
Warp satin, pure, finest long-staple, combed, mercerized cotton, approx. 100 g/m2.

Jacquard Deluxe
Colored woven fabric made from twisted yarn, approx. 130 g/m2.

Jersey Ornato
85% cotton, 15% Lyocell (Tencel), 125 g/m2.

Pure cotton, twisted and combed

95% twisted yarn cotton, 5% elastane, very stretchy and completely shape retaining.

Pure cotton, combed, approximately 295g/m2, durable, washed terrycloth

100% extra-long fiber Supima cotton, towel 500g/m2, bath mat 1000g/m2, bathroom rug 2400g/m2

GOTS Elements
100% combed, organic GOTS-certified cotton, towels 520 g/m2, bath mat 800 g/m2, rug 1800 g/m2.


Lin Supreme
Pure linen, colorfully woven, approx. 140 g/m2.

Linen has been in vogue for thousands of years for good reason and has proven its worth time and again: linen is a lightweight material, antibacterial, completely natural and very comfortable and kind to skin thanks to temperature-regulating properties. Linen also possesses both cooling and warming properties for an optimal body temperature and can withstand up to 35% humidity without feeling damp. The material boasts a natural sheen and strength as well as an easy-care, modern linen look.


Schlossberg Nobile Throws
100% cashmere

This valuable wool is exclusively from cashmere goats, which were originally only native to the plateaus of the Himalayas. In order to survive the harsh living conditions of the mountains, the goats have developed a unique pelt over the course of many centuries. In summer, it protects them from dust and sun, while it has an insulating effect in the winter.

The cashmere can only be harvested once a year, when they change their coats between winter and summer. The goats are not shorn or shaved. Instead they are simply combed.

As a next step, the raw materials are sorted by color, texture and length. They are also sorted by quality, the most important factors for this being length and fineness. The longer the hairs are, the finer the spun yarn and therefore the end product will be later. The fineness of the hairs is very important, as only raw materials with a diameter of up to 0.019 millimeters can be termed cashmere. Only in this way can the unique texture of cashmere and the high quality of this rare material be ensured worldwide.


Schlossberg Silk Scarf
100% silk

Silk is a fine fiber made from the cocoons of the silkworm, the larvae of the silk moth. It is the only endless fiber that occurs in nature and is made mainly of protein. It is presumed to come from China and was an important commodity that was transported to Europe via the Silk Road. Silk has an elegant sheen, is very fine, and feels soft against the skin. It is very gentle on the skin and crease-resistant.