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Fall | Winter 2019

Moments of serenity

Precious little treasures have been collected with love and care – detailed designs tell wonderful tales of joyous moments of serenity.

The new designs from the LIVING COLORS line, strikingly reflect the creativity of Schlossberg’s designers and the textile experience rich in tradition of the Swiss bed linen manufacturers – artistically designed by hand, expertly printed in line with Schlossberg’s high-quality standards. The new designs, created using a range of painting and drawing techniques such as acrylic, watercolor or felt-tip pen, are adorned with naturalistic flower motifs, graphic elements, wintry backdrops of nature and even scenic landscapes.

The Schlossberg Fall | Winter collection 2019 interprets discoveries and memories made while traveling and combines them with a medley of nature’s multifaceted offerings in the most diverse designs.

Spring | Summer 2019

Weekend Stories

Looking forward to a laid-back weekend. Drop everything and go. To the beach, to your holiday home. A place of longing. A place to lie in, relax, take your time. Plans galore. No obligations, a world of possibilities. Just go with the flow. Only pack the bare minimum. Looking forward to waking up, wrapped in bed linen filled with the scent of summer and the view from the open window to the sea...

No alarm clock. Just the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the glorious fruits of the south drifting in the air.  For a brief, intense moment you feel the silky-soft warmth on your skin before the day awakes in earnest.

Me time. Time for a letter, daydreams, a good book to transport you to other worlds. Take a walk in your dressing gown through the blossoming garden, pick a colorful bouquet of flowers and let yourself be swept away by the beauty of nature and the blaze of color in the summer light.

The Schlossberg WEEKEND STORIES collection embodies everything we yearn for: warm summer days, playfulness, light, joy and special experiences for yourself, as a couple, or with family or friends. A weekend that perfectly combines relaxation, adventure and romance.


Fall | Winter 2018


Schlossberg Bed Linen Collection Fall | Winter 2018

With the upcoming 2018 Fall | Winter collection, FALL GLOW, Schlossberg Switzerland presents the wonderful array of color of an early fall day. Leaves, blossoms and berries, illuminated by the golden glow of the sun, feature brilliant tones in blue and green, as well as the rich reds and violets – nature serves as colorful inspiration.

The five new designs, ROSA, IDA, NOA, MILES and STELLA, featuring intricate details artistically drawn by hand, are a welcome addition to the Schlossberg LIVING COLORS line. Applied using watercolor, colored pencils and acrylic techniques and available in the high-quality Schlossberg fabrics Satin Noblesse and Jersey Royal. The modern bedding designs RAMI, LIAM and YUKO, both available in two diverse color schemes, are marvelous extensions to the Schlossberg URBAN CLASSICS line thanks to their elegant, graphic jacquard motifs.

The Schlossberg FALL GLOW collection is available in the Schlossberg boutiques in Zurich, Basel, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Zermatt and Stuttgart as well as from our online shop and selected retailers as from July 2018.


Spring | Summer 2018


The new Spring | Summer 2018 collection Sea Salt & Lemonade invites you to let your dreams wander to faraway places with summery ease - inspired by a feeling of lightheartedness, joie de vivre and the Mediterranean light.


Fall | Winter 2017


The new designs will be displaying the fascinating beauty of nature. With its colors and shapes, textures, smells and sounds, it is always creating new stunning effects. A gentle mix of naturalistically drawn works of art and modern, graphic patterns form a unique collection.

Discover the uniqueness of nature with all your sense.

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Spring | Summer 2017


"Every Summer has a Story"

The colorful collection awakens the desire for unpretentious ease. Immerse yourself in a world where the light makes the tropical flowers appear fresh and intense. A whirlwind swishes with colorful energy and moving rhythms in our everyday lives. Summer – the time of year when new stories are written. Discover new places, unusual sounds and latest smells, feel the warmth of the sun, walk barefoot through the warm sand ...

Dance the summer swing.

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