Spring | Summer 2018

Sea Salt & Lemonade

The new Spring | Summer 2018 collection Sea Salt & Lemonade invites you to let your dreams wander to faraway places with summery ease - inspired by a feeling of lightheartedness, joie de vivre and the Mediterranean light.

Fall | Winter 2017


The new designs will be displaying the fascinating beauty of nature. With its colors and shapes, textures, smells and sounds, it is always creating new stunning effects. A gentle mix of naturalistically drawn works of art and modern, graphic patterns form a unique collection.

Discover the uniqueness of nature with all your sense.

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Spring | Summer 2017


"Every Summer has a Story"

The colorful collection awakens the desire for unpretentious ease. Immerse yourself in a world where the light makes the tropical flowers appear fresh and intense. A whirlwind swishes with colorful energy and moving rhythms in our everyday lives. Summer – the time of year when new stories are written. Discover new places, unusual sounds and latest smells, feel the warmth of the sun, walk barefoot through the warm sand ...

Dance the summer swing.

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