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Zukunftstag 2019


The specialist retailer of bedding and home textiles faces a variety of challenges: digitization, changed purchasing habits, social trends and new customer generations and needs. In addition, there are hybrid shopping behaviors of the customers on different channels as well as an ever higher expectation of products, offer and individual service. In lectures, hands-on workshops and a concluding live-talk, experts showed the opportunities and possibilities to effectively counter the changes on the market.

Impressions from the event you will find HERE in our movie.

Dagsmejan & Schlossberg

Two brands, one goal: a better night’s sleep – waking up refreshed.

We spend a third of our lives in bed. Our quality of sleep is influenced by many factors: the right bed frame, a suitable mattress, optimal bedding with the highest quality sheets as well as breathable sleepwear. Rejuvenating sleep is important for our health and promotes our well-being. It helps us start the day full of energy and drive – ready to master any challenges we might be faced with.

Experience premium materials against the skin and a wonderful night’s sleep in the highest quality bed linen and cozy bedding by Schlossberg. To improve this even further, we recommend the innovative sleepwear from Dagsmejan, which you can now also find at Schlossberg.

The new Swiss textile company produces smart sleepwear for men and women, which is optimally adapted to our physiological sleeping needs. High breathability, natural moisture regulation, the finest, soft natural fibers and sleepwear that fits perfectly all ensure ultimate sleeping comfort.

We look forward to presenting a small, refined selection of Dagsmejan products from mid-October at our Schlossberg boutique in Zürich. Come and discover the perfect combination of bed linen, bedding and latest arrivals from Dagsmejan – we will happily advise you.

You can also see the complete product assortment from Dagsmejan at

Because sleeping is your luxury.


Textile Revue: 01.2018

Sclossberg, the Swiss traditional company for bed an bath, presented the new line YU! at the Blickfang Zürich. Designer Carola Bachmann Helbling answered our questions.

The Interview (german)


The new Schlossberg collection YU! combines quality, lifestyle, design and the pleasure of combining. Inspired by the simple and beautiful things in life. Spontaneous, stylish and sophisticated – YU! by Schlossberg.
YU! stands for simplicity with a modern and stylish design. Individual and uncomplicated combinations – sometimes casually modern, playful and colorful, or naturally simple. Perfect for every look.

Discover your Soundtrack: Schlossberg YU!tunes

bedtime stories

Limited Edtion: Peter Stamm

For this new bed linen collection, Schlossberg was able to inspire famous authors to write exclusive bedtime stories that are then printed onto the finest satin.

Together with renowned Swiss author Peter Stamm, Schlossberg is creating the first, exclusive edition of the latest bedtime stories range, which pays hommage to the modern written word, and is a new interpretation of traditional tales.

Doris Dörrie

Schlossberg was able to impress Doris Dörrie with what is already the 3rd limited edition of this extraordinary collection. The unique and creative director, writer and film producer from Germany is particularly well-known for her films Men (Männer), The Hairdresser (Die Friseuse), Cherry Blossoms (Kirschblüten – Hanami) and her latest work Greetings from Fukushima (Grüße aus Fukushima).

The bedtime stories edition by Doris Dörrie is a work of art that describes the beauty of dreaming and pays homage to sleep as a source of inspiration. «I have always loved sleeping because I come up with stories in my sleep,» she revealed to us.

«How do I know if I am awake or dreaming?»

The Doris Dörrie Limited Edition is available right now in our Schlossberg Boutiques, selected retailers as well as in the online shop.

A one-to-one interview with Doris Dörrie at the Metropol theatre in Munich gives an insight into the author’s personal views on daytime and the world of dreams and reality.

Peter Stamm

Peter Stamm uses 23 lines and 176 words for his Schlossberg bedtime story, creating a tale that is as natural as it is inspiring, and takes the reader on a journey to their inner self. It is a short literary text about the transition from sleeping to waking, as well as feelings sensed during nocturnal awakening, the fading of dreams and morning dawn.

The collection is available for a limited period only and will be continued featuring other authors. A collection that brings together what belongs together: Bed and literature.

In a personal interview, Peter Stamm reveals where he gets his ideas from and what he thinks about bed linen.


Peter Greenaway

We visited the artist in his adopted home, Amsterdam, in order to find out more about his life, work, designs and the background of his work with Schlossberg.