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Special sizes

Each country has its own kind of beds and therefore different requirements regarding the size and characteristics of their bed linen. Alongside the country-specific standard sizes, we also fulfill your individual wishes and prepare special sizes and custom items.

Contact us with your requirements and ask us for advice – we are happy to help and provide full consultation. Use our contact form or visit a Schlossberg boutique or specialized retailer in your area.

Standard sizes

Special sizes and custom-made bed linen can be made to order.

Overview of our standard sizes:

30x40, 40x35, 40x40, 40x60, 50x70, 50x80, 50x90, 60x70, 60x80, 60x90, 65x65, 65x100, 70x90, 80x40, 80x80

135x200, 140x200, 140x260, 155x200, 160x210, 160x240, 200x200, 200x210, 200x220, 240x220, 240x240, 240x260

135x200 and 40x80
135x200 and 80x80
140x200 and 70x90
155x220 and 40x80
155x220 and 80x80

Fitted Sheets:
90x200, 100x200, 100x220, 120x200, 120x220, 140x200, 140x220, 160x200, 160x220, 180x200, 180x220, 200x200, 200x210, 200x220

170x260, 240x280, 280x290