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Schlossberg is an international, premium-quality and inspiring brand that stands for exclusive bedroom and bathroom articles of the highest quality in terms of material, workmanship, and design.

The traditional Swiss family-run company has been managed by CEO Damian Wirth. It was the first company that introduced color printing of bed linen, and has since become well known for hand-drawn imaginative designs in a rich variety of color shades.

Schlossberg products are manufactured in Switzerland and the EU according to the strictest environmental standards and ecological guidelines, and marketed in over 32 countries. Schlossberg sells its articles via upmarket retailers and presents its product range in its own boutiques in Zurich, Basle, Lucerne, St. Gallen and Stuttgart and new also in the online boutique.

The target market includes both lifestyle-orientated, fashion-conscious consumers as well as quality-conscious individuals.


Schlossberg Switzerland is synonymous with constant innovation and is committed to first-class quality. The processing of extra-fine cotton yarns requires a high degree of craftsmanship, many years of experience and specialized production processes.
Originally a traditional crafts enterprise, this is especially true for the development of designs. Every motif has been created by hand with a love and passion for detail in Turbenthal – each one a piece of artwork in itself.

Special attention is given to the complex and rich color scheme which always poses a great challenge, not only in the design but in screen printing for the collections too.


Luxury does not need to be defined by high expense. We define Schlossberg by our craftsmanship and premium quality, as well as our long-established tradition.

The knowledge and skills of creativity and craftsmanship have been passed down from generation to generation. This experience results in exclusive quality that we still incorporate into all our products today. To us, this means luxury.
We take our time in order for our products to be produced with care and passion, so that our customers can truly enjoy them. We also wish to offer an experience that mass-produced goods cannot offer – a unique, consciously experienced moment, since we spend almost a third of our lives in bed. Time needed to regenerate and process the events of the day – nestled between daytime and dreaming – enjoying personal musings.

Innovation stems from tradition:
Progress is a development stemming from one’s own history, never being entirely satisfied with the results, motivated to becoming better, not giving up and putting visions into practice. Schlossberg has always aimed high in terms of innovative products, materials and craftsmanship, right from the start.

Experience how a collection comes about: click here for movie


This traditional brand has stood for exclusive bed linen and toweling made from prime materials with exquisite designs and high-quality craftsmanship since 1959. That’s what the Schlossberg Switzerland label guarantees.

For this reason, Schlossberg products are an integral part of the premium home textiles sector and Schlossberg is one of the few brands that can hold its own in the luxury segment.
Schlossberg products are available in our own five boutiques as well as from specialized retailers in 35 countries and in the official Schlossberg Web Shop

There is a museum in the Schlossberg Switzerland factory grounds in Turbenthal, depicting the history of this traditional business and an outlet shop.


Schlossberg Switzerland AG situated in Turbenthal, north of Zurich, is the strategic and operational headquarters of this swiss premium brand. It acts as a management company and backbone for the wholly owned subsidiaries.
• Schlossberg Switzerland AG – design, production, marketing, European sales/ export. Wholly owned Schlossberg boutiques/ a online boutique/ outlets and factory outlet
• Schlossberg USA
• Schlossberg Boutique GmbH, Germany

Schlossberg employs a staff of 100 in Switzerland and internationally. (Last updated: July 2015)