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The 182-year history of this family-run company, which extends from 1833 to the present day, has seen textile expertise, innovation and tradition passed down from generation to generation. Under the leadership of CEO Damian Wirth, the fabrics created in Switzerland and Italy are, to this day, sewn and printed with the hand-drawn floral designs typical of Schlossberg, which is based in Turbenthal in the hills near Zürich.


In the idyllic setting of Tösstal the textile processing tradition dates back to the Middle Ages. Turbenthal acquired its first looms and spinning machines with the mechanization of the textile industry in the 19th century.

In 1833, Lieutenant Johann Kaspar Winkler inaugurated a mechanical spinning mill in Turbenthal. In the same year, the University of Zurich and Ringier, one of the largest publishing companies in Switzerland, were founded. So it all began with an impressive spinning mill equipped with a water wheel and its geared power transmission system.

At that time, there was still no connecting road to Winterthur. In summer, wagons used the dried-up creek bed of the river Töss to transport larger items.


Johann Jakob Boller founded a so-called “Fergger enterprise” – a fabric-manufacturing business, which farmers supplied with yarn and weaving orders, and sold the finished fabrics on the market.


Johann Jakob Boller purchased yarn from the local spinning mils, decided on the texture and finish and paid local farmers to weave the fabrics in their homes.


Everyone in the family contributed to the success of the enterprise. Often, it was the women and mothers who worked hard to keep the business running.



Th love match (1903) between Helene Winkler und Johann Jakob Boller led to the union of Boller Winkler in 1906. To Seal the alliance, a new mechanical weaving mill was built.

In 1945, Boller Winkler operated 460 mechanical looms. In the fifties, the company began to focus on the production of home textiles. This has been our main area of business ever since.


Schlossberg Textil AG was founded.

The brand name Schlossberg Switzerland is not made up purely for advertising purposes – it’s a real mountain nearby. Bruno Boller, the head of the company at that time, decided that the Schloss (German for palace) stood for luxury, while the berg (mountain) represented quality and sustainability.

Since the company was set up, the name Schlossberg has represented exclusive bed linen of premium quality in terms of materials, workmanship, and design. Openness to technological progress, sensitivity to changes in society and a keen sense of the zeitgeist are characteristic of Schlossberg. This passion resulted in a series of innovative, market-shaping products from the very beginning.



In 1960, Schlossberg launched its Percalux collection – available for the first time in pastel colors – a new generation of bedding. The stiff, heavy sheets from older times were soon replaced with light, smooth cotton materials.

In 1964, Schlossberg presented printed bed linen for the first time – a sensation. The Schlossberg Switzerland brand became synonymous with contemporary luxury and top quality overnight.
Schlossberg began to develop its distinctive signature with the first printed pattern, “Jeunesse” – a small rose. Finely drawn and richly colored flower designs soon demanded a more sophisticated material: the smooth, silky and shimmering Satin Noblesse was introduced.


In 1974 Schlossberg recognized the signs of the time and launched their first jersey fitted sheet. This was followed in 1979 by Jersey Royal bed linen. The quality of Schlossberg Jersey Royal remained unique: a market standard – even today.


A bold decision: Schlossberg invested in television advertising for the first time and enhanced its brand awareness in the Swiss market. Open to experimentation, smart and focused on design, Schlossberg connected with its customers by means of advertising campaigns and billboards, creating a distinct and highly recognizable brand identity early on.


Born in 1955 as a descendant of the Boller Winkler textile family, Thomas Boller started working for the family business and, with his far-sighted vision, has been running it successfully ever since. In the early 1990s, he built up contacts with well-known Swiss artists such as Jean Tinguely and Harald Naegeli as well as British film-maker Peter Greenaway, and encouraged them to create designs for Schlossberg.


Schlossberg unveils its latest innovation: CELESTE, the first-ever illuminated bed linen set. Traditional Swiss bed linen manufacturer Schlossberg Switzerland has once again demonstrated its innovative strength with a world first: the luxurious CELESTE bed linen set, a combination of the finest St.Gallen embroidery and innovative LED technology. Atmospheric lighting meets elegant fabrics to bridge the gap between traditional textiles and innovation.

The exclusive CELESTE bed linen set boasts artfully embroidered LED elements that are liberally scattered across the elegant Satin Luxe fabric to create the effect of a starry night sky. The conductors areconcealed by the luxurious embroidery. The LED sequins themselves are therefore barely visible and discreetly integrated into the pattern. The result is an exclusive textile product that is made to order by Schlossberg. The individual dots of light come together to form a glowing firmament, a masterpiece of light and fabric. The interplay of light creates a radiant and sensual atmosphere – as though you’re dreaming beneath a starry sky.

We at Schlossberg have brought the starlit sky into the bedroom. Lie back and dream, let yourself be inspired and enchanted, and wrap yourself in this unique textile masterpiece.

Available in all Schlossberg boutiques and our specialized retailers.

This product, too, displays all the signs of true craftsmanship. Hand-drawn templates by our Schlossberg designers, the use of the finest materials and artistic embroidery from our partner, Forster Rohner, St. Gallen, make CELESTE really special.


SCHLOSSBERG bedtime stories

Limited Edtion: Peter Stamm

For this new bed linen collection, Schlossberg was able to inspire famous authors to write exclusive bedtime stories that are then printed onto the finest satin.

Together with renowned Swiss author Peter Stamm, Schlossberg is creating the first, exclusive edition of the latest bedtime stories range, which pays hommage to the modern written word, and is a new interpretation of traditional tales.

Peter Stamm uses 23 lines and 176 words for his Schlossberg bedtime story, creating a tale that is as natural as it is inspiring, and takes the reader on a journey to their inner self. It is a short literary text about the transition from sleeping to waking, as well as feelings sensed during nocturnal awakening, the fading of dreams and morning dawn.

The collection is available for a limited period only and will be continued featuring other authors. A collection that brings together what belongs together: Bed and literature.


Schlossberg still stands for elegant bed linen and premium quality to this day. Tradition and innovation come together, with artistic craftsmanship and top technical performance guaranteeing pure luxury.
Schlossberg’s bed linen range is composed of four lines.
Floral Dreams – imaginative and vibrant, this line presents floral motifs inspired by nature, with both classic designs and modern interpretations. The Simple Luxury collection combines stylish basics and simple designs, while the Poésie line, embellished with St. Gallen lace, invites romantics to dream. The graphic printed fabrics and jacquard designs of the Urban Classics range are the product of a partnership with Zimmer&Rohde.

Schlossberg also offers fitted sheets in over 50 colors to complete the look, and rounds off the range with high-quality cashmere throws, silk scarves, towels, premium bathrobes, and bathroom accessories.

All products are available in Schlossberg boutiques, as well as at retailers in 35 countries. There is a museum in the factory grounds depicting the history of this traditional business and an outlet shop.