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A Definition of Luxury

Schlossberg and our products are defined by craftsmanship and quality, as well as our long-established tradition. With a company history spanning over 180 years, Schlossberg is able to boast vast experience, textile tradition and reliability, which has dedicated itself to the demands in materials, manufacturing and quality for generations.

We do not wish to simply use opportunities that already exist - we are motivated to go to the limits of what is possible. Being innovative.

Each design is a small work of art that we have taken time to produce. Schlossberg products are an experience. They have a story that mass products manufactured by standardized methods cannot offer. To us, this means luxury.

By hand

Small pieces of art

Lovingly hand-drawn designs are the hallmark of Schlossberg. Five passionate textile designers work in the Schlossberg studio, creating new, attractive designs for the new collections. They are inspired by the current fashion scene, interior design trends, art, culture and societal themes, as well as by professional trend scouts.

Unique designs are created for each season – classic floral motifs, modern interpretations and simple plain-colored themes, as well as graphic patterns. The color palette is almost inexhaustible. The characteristic drawing style of the artists is unique. From the initial research, to sketches and hand-painted originals, it takes a few months before the digital templates arrive at the printer for color-matching.


A virtuoso composition of brilliant colors

As soon as the digital templates leave the Schlossberg studio, the stencils for the screen printing are prepared. The engraver transfers the designs to the screen – a screen is needed for each color. Schlossberg bed linen is known for its intense vibrancy and multicolored designs – this is a result of an elaborate mix of top-quality colors. Every Schlossberg design is printed using at least 10 to 15 colors.

The meticulous fine-tuning of each individual color shade is time-consuming and requires highly experienced designers and printers. A few test rounds are necessary, and it can take several weeks before the right balance is achieved. It’s only then that the fabric goes to the huge screen-printing machines and the piece goods are printed. The designers themselves are personally at the machines to approve the printed fabrics.


Beautiful details with the finishing touches

Even the finest and best-quality material can contain faults due its natural origins. For this reason, every meter of fabric is scrutinized closely by the quality assurance team, before the fabric is cut to the required dimensions. Even at this stage, passion for the product is essential – beautiful, smart details increase comfort and underline the luxurious character of each individual Schlossberg product.

For example, Schlossberg fitted small snap fasteners to the inside of the duvet which fix the quilt in place, making the cover easy to put on and comfortable to use. Schlossberg is well known for a unique service in terms of made-to-measure items. Duvet covers in special sizes and shapes are prepared by our team of cutting technicians so that every product fits perfectly. As a final step, the products are carefully ironed and packed.