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  • 103092-0200200021
  • Schlossberg Switzerland - Bed Linen ELLE

    Detached and completely free, the blossoms dance like flowers in ELLE blanc over the bed linen base, although they were just a unit in ELIN blanc. If a gust of wind takes them on the next adventure, the piping in cayenne catches the filigree petals again. The sophisticated reversible bed linen in the finest watercolor technique is a combination of the designs ELIN blanc and ELISE blanc.

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100% cotton

Satin Noblesse 
Warp satin, 100% pure long-staple, combed, mercerized cotton of the finest quality. Satin Noblesse is woven from pure, long-staple cotton. Because of the fineness of the thread, the fabric is very lightweight and tightly woven. This means that the satin, also called Swiss satin, weighs only 110g/m2, yet still has a thread count of 100 per cm2. Schlossberg's Satin Noblesse feels wonderfully smooth, fresh, and silky, and draws the eye with its incomparably beautiful, luxurious sheen (ca. 110 g/m2).


Please read the sewn-in care labels, because properly maintained bedding and terry toweling remain beautiful and you can continue to enjoy them for years to come.

The right detergent for
>Colored or printed bedding: Wash colored or printed bedding at 60° C and only use color-safe detergent without optical brighteners.

>White bedding: Always separate white bedding and wash at 60° C. Feel free to use heavy-duty detergent with your whites.

Turn your bedding and zip closed.

Load washer drum
Turn bedding and zip closed. Fill washer drum loosely. Do not overfill drum, since this places strain on the fabric.

Tumble dry
Treat your bedding and terry toweling like delicates - do not over-dry.

Schlossberg's Jersey bedding should not be ironed.
Satin Noblesse and Schlossberg's other fabrics are easy-iron. Ironing will be even easier if you iron your bedding while it is still slightly damp. 
Do not iron terry fabrics.

Important: Depending on the dryer setting, the naturally processed cotton used in our bed linens may shrink by 4-6%. Nevertheless, the covers are still an ideal fit for down comforters. When using wool, camel, silk, or similar comforters, the cover may, depending on type, feel a bit tight after washing. In this case, we recommend that you order the special natural fiber quilt cover, available for an additional price. Contact our customer service department or visit a Schlossberg boutique for more information.

Article number: 103092-0200200021
Article name: ELLE
Pattern: floral
Closure: Offset Zipper