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  • 700802-0000020001
  • Schlossberg Switzerland - Bedding LOUIS

    This duvet, whose filling is made of 100% natural new wool, is encased in a fine, cozy soft cotton cover. The interior of the bedding has favorable temperature-regulating characteristics due to its wool filling. New wool warms, insulates, and regulates moisture-wicking properties. If the body begins to sweat, the wool absorbs the moisture especially well and then wicks it away to the surface and into the atmosphere/air. High self-cleaning power. Made in the EU.

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100% pure new wool

100% pure new wool

Filling weight:

  Warmepunkte_2von5Ny4DPyNmOqlv3 Warmepunkte_3von5bkm4Y4X5lY79T    
160 x 210 1180 gr. 1750 gr.    
200 x 210 1470 gr. 2180 gr.    
 240 x 240 2020 gr.  3000 gr.     



100% cotton, quilted with 100% pure new wool, with zipper

Made in EU

New Wool
New wool is a pure natural fiber, made directly from sheep's wool. Shorn wool is fresh wool.


Daily care:

  • Gently shake out bedding each day and air out the room so that moisture absorbed during sleep can be released.
  • Air out the bedding in fresh air only during dry weather and place in the shade. Do not place in direct sunlight.
  • Do not vacuum or beat with a carpet beater.
  • Change your bed linens regularly and occasionally change the top and toe orientation when putting on clean bed linen.

Wash instructions:

  • Launder washable bedding according to the temperature stated on the care label.
  • Use a pH-neutral, liquid detergent.
  • Do not use fabric softeners.
  • Repeat the spin cycle in order to reduce the water stored in the down and feathers.
  • Tumble dry at 100°C – shake out the bedding every 30 minutes to reduce drying time.


  • Wash bedding at least once per year according to the care labels.
  • Get non-washable duvets professionally cleaned every three years for hygiene reasons.
  • Replace duvets after 6-8 years and pillows after 2-3 years.
  • Recommendation for cleaning: Schlossberg detergent with natural ingredients, biodegradable, unscented, skin-friendly, no bleach or optical brighteners, suitable for allergy sufferers.


Duvet with low heat retentive properties. Suitable as a lightweight, year-round duvet or for periods between seasons, as well as for people who require low heat retention from their duvet.

Duvet with average heat retentive properties. Suitable as a year-round duvet and for people who require average heat retention from their duvets.

Article number: 700802-0000020001
Article name: LOUIS
Pattern: plain
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